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Exclude Spam from Handling by RG Email Sidebar

For users of the Email Sidebar on:


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If Emails auto-saving is enabled and Leads or Contacts auto-resolving is set up in your configuration, RG Email Sidebar will process SPAM emails from non-blocklisted email domains which get through to your MS Outlook or Gmail Imbox. That happens because RGES processes all new non-internal emails in the automatic saving mode and it has no means to differentiate between business emails from previously unknown business contacts and SPAM emails. This way, in this mode RG Email Sidebar will also auto-create Leads or Contacts (plus Accounts) in Salesforce based on SPAM email’s data.

If that happens:

1. Delete the auto-created Lead or Contact plus Account directly in Salesforce. It’s one of the basic principles of RG Email Sidebar not to delete any records from Salesforce, so that must be performed manually by the user

2. Select the auto-processed SPAM email in MS Outlook’s Inbox and click Do not sync in the Suggested new records tab in RG Email Sidebar. This will add the email address to RGES’s not-for-syncing blocklist

or you may mark the SPAM email as Junk mail in MS Outlook so it will be automatically moved from the Inbox, this way preventing its autosaving by RG Email Sidebar


To prevent autosaving of SPAM emails, make sure that they do not get into your Inbox, by using MS Exchange’s anti-SPAM mechanisms on both user level and Admin level.


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