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Basic RG Email Sidebar Troubleshooting

5 min read


Due to different reasons, the RGES can display unclear error messages, work unstable, or the changes made on the Salesforce side may not be reflected in the RG Email Sidebar add-in.

To address these issues perform the following steps:

1. Clear browser cache

Close MS Outlook/Gmail and clear the browser cache following the instructions provided in these articles:

2. Resave Sidebar customization

  1. Open the Sidebar
  2. Go to the Main menu (the “three-line” button)
  3. Select the Customization option. The Customization settings will open in your default browser.
  4. Without making any changes, click the “Save” button. Revenue Grid will check current RG Email Sidebar settings and update them on our side.
  5. Refresh the add-in after that - open the Sidebar and then use the “Refresh” option in the Main menu.


The Customization option may not be displayed in the Main menu if it was disabled by your admin. In this case, submit the request for resaving customization to your local admin.

3. Clear Outlook cache

Clear the add-in data, cached by Outlook, following the instructions provided in these articles:

These steps should help you address most of the Sidebar functioning issues.

Submit a request to our support team

In case provided steps didn’t help or issue occurred again shortly after, send an email to [email protected] with the following details:

  • Describe your issue with all possible details and provide some screenshots to illustrate it. Describe the steps that lead to it, if known.

  • Specify when affected user detected this issue the last time. Provide the date, time and your time zone (user’s time zone).

  • Mention what steps you took to address the issue and what were the results.

If you’re an admin submitting a support request for your users, additionally include the affected user name and email. Also, specify the number of affected users.

With this info the RG support team will be able to investigate this case for you.

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