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Managing Tasks via the Solution (Tasks Sync)

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Revenue Grid synchronization ensures continuous background syncing of your work Tasks between MS Exchange / Office 365 and Salesforce. Once activated, RGES synchronization runs every 30 minutes on server side.


Refer to this article to learn how MS Exchange / Office 365 Task item fields are matched with Salesforce Tasks by RGES.
Also refer to this article for more details on configuring objects synchronization


With RG Email Sidebar, you can save and update your work tasks in Salesforce right from your preferred mail client. Task reminders are synced along with them - so you will not miss any important ones. Selective automatic synchronizing of Tasks with Salesforce offered by RG Email Sidebar is highly useful for jobs reporting and coordination.

After RG sync is set up, to enable Tasks down-syncing from Salesforce to your mail client, go to the Sync Settings page (see the article Opening the Dashboard), on the General subtab, enable the Sync my Salesforce tasks switch button in the Tasks block:


Note that your Tasks existing in MS Exchange / Office 365 prior to RGES sync activation will not be synced with Salesforce, unless you specifically select them to be synced using either one of the methods described below:


Saving a Task in Salesforce

You can save an MS Exchange / Office 365 Task in Salesforce in one of the following ways:

  • By assigning the task the custom Salesforce category. In this case on the following sync session the task will be saved in Salesforce and automatically moved to the Salesforce Tasks folder
  • By moving the task to the dedicated Salesforce Tasks folder. On the following sync session the task will be saved in Salesforce and automatically assigned the Salesforce category. As long as the task stays in the folder, any changes made to it will be conveyed to its matching Task object in Salesforce



If the Salesforce category is unassigned after an item was moved to the dedicated Salesforce folder and synchronized with Salesforce, RGES sync will automatically restore the category on this item on the following sync session – items will remain synced if you just unassign the custom category from them but leave them in the dedicated folder. In the opposite case, if a synchronized item is removed from the dedicated Salesforce folder to be unsynced, RGES sync will automatically remove the custom category from this item in MS Outlook on the following sync session


Your personal Tasks located in the default Tasks folder or other folders in MS Exchange / Office 365 will not get saved in Salesforce. Only the Tasks assigned the Salesforce category or moved to the Salesforce Tasks folder will get saved


Editing a Salesforce Task via RG Email Sidebar

You can edit a Salesforce task via RGES in one of the following ways:

  • In RG Email Sidebar, expand a related record’s card, select the Related tab and expand the necessary Task under Open activities


  • Alternatively, find the needed Task among Open activities right on the Sidebar’s home screen



Opening a Task directly in Salesforce

To open a task in Salesforce, do the following:

  1. Find the necessary Task in RG Email Sidebar using either of the ways described in the previous section
  2. Click the Cloud icon or the icon next to the Task’s header; the Task will be opened in Salesforce in your browser




Changes made to a task via RG Email Sidebar are conveyed to Salesforce immediately and do not require RGES sync to be active, while changes made to tasks in email client will appear in Salesforce only after the following sync session



Tasks Syncing Limitations via MS Graph

Tasks syncing via MS Graph has the following limitations:

  • Recurring Tasks syncing is not supported
  • No deleted Tasks processing via MS Graph
  • Private Tasks do not get synced
  • Categories are not supported
  • Migration from MS Graph Tasks to EWS Tasks cannot be carried out

If Impersonation over MS Graph is used to mass-deploy the solution for end users, Tasks Syncing is completely unavailable.


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