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How To Enable DocuSign Integration in the Sidebar

For users of the Email Sidebar on:


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You can effectively work with DocuSign and several other popular online corporate file storages RG Email Sidebar.


Presently, several RG Email Sidebar user interface elements, e.g. the Sync settings, refer to DocuSign storage by its former name SpringCM.



See this article to learn how to work with DocuSign via RG Email Sidebar


Firewall whitelisting prerequisite

To enable RG Email Sidebar Add-In to work with DocuSign storage, your local mail server Administrator should allow-list the following IPs for inbound and outbound connection in the corporate firewall.


Check out the description of a typical whitelisting procedure for the standard Windows 10 firewall here


For typical RG Email Sidebar DocuSign integration usage



How to set up DocuSign access in RGES Sync Settings

To set up DocuSign document storage access for your RG Email Sidebar for Salesforce account, do the following:


  • The Sync Dashboard login page will open. After you log in to it via Salesforce OAuth window, navigate to the Sync settings > Integrations tab in the pane on the left


  • After you click DocuSign’s icon in the Document storage list, you can view the details of the connected DocuSign account (if one is connected): username (email address), the actual configuration, the DocuSign URL, or you can set up DocuSign connection by clicking the button Connect


  • Then do the following:

    1. Choose the environment of the DocuSign account you want to connect (Production or UAT)


2. Enter your DocuSign Login Name and Password and click Log In


All user credentials and data are guaranteed to be secured, under RevenueGrid Privacy and Security regulations


3. On the next screen, click Approve


4. Wait around a minute till the access is granted


Once you have set up DocuSign access, you will notice the following changes in your RG Email Sidebar. Reload your Add-In by double-clicking on Open RG Email Sidebar for Salesforce icon in Microsoft Outlook ribbon.


  • Click DocuSign in the Menu
  • A dialog window will appear on the Sidebar


  • Click the Settings button
  • Read [this article]hat you can view details of a DocuSign account connected to CRM (on the Sync settings → Integrations page in the Dashboard (choose DocuSign section)). Here you can view the username (email address), actual configuration and URL to login for the actual user


To update User credentials used to access DocuSign or refresh the RG Email Sidebar for Salesforce access token click the Refresh button. Or click Disconnect button to disconnect an access.


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