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Managing Plans for the Users



To use Revenue Inbox Admin panel, special access permissions are required. To request the permissions for your organization, contact Revenue Grid support team by email. Please note that Admin panel access is only granted to Enterprise customers: the Panel provides tools for managing a big number of end users and some of its key settings it includes duplicate Revenue Inbox Customization and Sync settings on Admin level.

Managing Plans is only available to assigned Revenue Inbox Administrators; to access these actions you first need to log in to the Administration Panel, and then select the Plans tab on the panel.

Different Plans are provided for different user groups and include specific settings (e.g., the sync interval in seconds) for different synchronization customization sets.



No modifications are possible on the Plans tab, there you can only view Plan details.

A Plan can be assigned to the user on user creation. Later the assigned Plan can be changed when editing the User, see the article on Managing Users.

Plans List View

On the Plans tab, you can view the following fields:

ID. The column is hidden by default

Name. Displays a list of existing plans and their names

External ID. Displays External Ids of Plans

Synchronization Interval In Seconds. The standard synchronization interval is 30 minutes, and incremental synchronization is expected to last about 30 seconds per user. Sync interval cannot be adjusted by regular Users. If you need to have your sync interval changed, please consult us to our Support team

Active. Displays the status of Plans that can be set true or false

Description. Displays descriptions of Plans

A filter by each column can be applied to the list. To do that, click the Expand more icon next to a column name and select the action you need:

Sort Ascending

Sort Descending

Remove Sort

Hide Column

Click the ☰ (Menu) icon on the right to add or remove columns; you can also clear all filters by selecting the Clear All Filters item in this menu.


No bulk actions with Plans are supported. However, Plans parameters can be exported to/imported from a file.


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