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How To Open Sync Engine’s Dashboard (Sync Settings)




If the Sync settings access page is displayed as a blank window, make sure to disable any adblocking browser extensions (e.g. Adblock Plus or uBlock Origin) for this page and then reload it. This is required because the page uses some scripts which are also used by web ads.


Synchronization Dashboard is a configuration tool used to set up Revenue Inbox sync functioning locally, to get a detailed overview of your Revenue Inbox usage, and to troubleshoot issues. In the Dashboard, you can:


To open the Dashboard:

  1. Open the Revenue Inbox Add-In/Chrome Extension in MS Outlook App or Web.or Gmail
  2. Click the Menu button in Revenue Inbox Add-In/Chrome Extension and select Sync settings.


When you open the Revenue Inbox Add-In for MS Outlook App or Web for the first time and log in with your Exchange/Office 365 and Salesforce credentials, it automatically starts using these credentials to connect your mailbox to Salesforce and launches the server-to-server synchronization process. You can always change both your Exchange and Salesforce accounts in the sync settings later. Please refer to this article to for more information.


Force RI Sync

On the Dashboard, to get your data synchronized quickly, you can initiate a sync session ahead of the one-per-30-minutes schedule. To do that:

  • Open Sync dashboard
  • Click Force Sync


The Sync session will not be initiated instantly, but within 1-3 minutes. Additionally, please note that there is a limit on how often Sync forcing can be initiated.


Pause RI Sync

If you need to pause RI sync for any reason, you can do that from the Dashboard as well. To do that:

  • Open Sync Dashboard
  • Click Pause


Note that when RI Sync is paused or suspended due to an error, a number of key Revenue Inbox features are unavailable. Please refer to this table for more information.


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