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Video tutorials of how to use Sequences and other sales engagement features of Revenue Grid

Sales Engagement functionality | Brief walkthrough • 2:04

This is a quick walk-through of Sales Engagement functionality of Revenue Grid, focusing on setting up a new engagement sequence to send a set of pre-made emails with a specific time interval in between, in order to convert leads to customers.

Launching Engagement Sequence • 6:05

In this detailed tutorial you will learn how to set up a engagement sequence, add recipients to it, schedule outreaches, and analyze results.

How to create a new Sequence • 4:32

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a new sequence and add email type of an outreach to it.

Import prospects from a CSV file • 2:56

Replies tab • 1:43

In this tutorial you will learn how to process replies from prospects in the Action Center.

Statistics tab • 1:13

In this tutorial you will learn how to observe analytics gathered based on progress of your campaign. This is overview of Statistics tab of a Sequence.

Sequence level Settings tab • 3:52

Every Sequence in Revenue Grid has a set of settings you may use to tune it up to meet business requirements. This quick tutorial is to introduce what is available to you in Settings tab of a Sequence.

Audience page • 4:32

List of recipients in Revenue Grid are located on the Audience page. In this tutorial you will learn how to manage it and what insights are available to you.

Create and manage template messages • 2:20

This tutorial is about creating and using reusable template messages for your outreaches.

How to set up limits to number of sent emails in Revenue Grid • 1:42

This is overview of Limits tab located in general Settings. Limits tab is enabled for users with Admin rights and changes get applied company-wide.

Creating Signature in Settings • 2:01

In this tutorial you will learn how to create professional signatures and how to add them to your emails.

In this tutorial you will learn how to create and manage unsubscribe links which you add to your emails so your recipients can unsubscribe from correspondence.

Delivery Schedules in Revenue Grid • 1:47

Create custom delivery schedules so your recipients receive your outreaches during specified time frame.

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