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How to Configure the Corporate Firewall to Get the Product Running

2 min read - updated few hours ago

Some network environments are locked down via Firewall and allow connecting only to allowed IP addresses/domains from within their corporate networks.

The table below lists IPs and domains which must be reachable from your local network for proper operation of automated sequences and guided selling components of Revenue Grid.


Within the scope of configuring your corporate Firewall for proper functioning of Revenue Grid, as a prerequisite you have to allow certain destinations related to other component, Revenue Grid Email Sidebar. Refer to this article for the list of IPs and domains

End users’ devices should be able to reach the destinations mentioned in the table below through TCP/443 (HTTPS)

Destination Details
* Revenue Grid user interface. Should lead to Revenue Grid instance

API for sequenced emailing functionality of Revenue Grid Sales Engagement component. Should lead to Sales Engagement instance,,,,,,,,
Sequenced outbound email automation
Engagement Campaigns
Sales Engagement,,,,,,,
Revenue Signals
Microsoft Exchange (OWA, ECP,EWS, etc.) Only if applicable and its dependencies.
Refer to Salesforce for details
Authorization with Salesforce account AppInsights logging
Nunito Sans font for UI Organization logos by email domain for Contacts Detecting current user IP. Needed for proper work of email opens and link clicks analytics


All listed IPs are guaranteed to be secure, according to our privacy and security policies transferred data is encrypted with TLS 1.2

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