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Revenue Inbox Video Guides


In order to facilitate product users’ learning curve and increase their awareness of all Revenue Inbox features and functions we are publishing video guides on the official Revenue Grid Vimeo Channel, you can view it by opening the below link:


The Vimeo Collection includes the following Revenue Inbox instructional videos:


Basic use

Revenue Inbox Introduction (Overview):

Revenue Inbox Product Walkthrough:


Product setup

Revenue Inbox Full Installation (MS Exchange, Outlook for Windows):

Revenue Inbox Full Installation (MS Exchange, Outlook for Mac):

Revenue Inbox Full Installation (Office 365, Outlook on the Web):

How to set up RI Chrome Extension for Gmail:

Revenue Inbox Full Installation (MS Outlook Desktop, custom Enterprise configurations only!):



Working with Emails

How to Save an Email:

Items Quick Saving:

How to Use Salesforce Templates:

How to Track Email Opens (Engagement panel):



Working with Calendar items

How to Save a Calendar Item:

Meeting Scheduler: How to Share Your Calendar Availability (“Book Me”):

Meeting Scheduler: How to Suggest Meeting Time Slots (“Time Slots”):



Working with Salesforce records

How to Create a Follow Up:

How to Create a Task:

How to Create a Lead:

How to Create a Contact:

How to Create an Opportunity:

How to Search for a Salesforce Record:



Advanced use

Revenue Inbox Customization settings:

Revenue Inbox Sync settings (pt.1):

Revenue Inbox Sync settings (pt.2):

Revenue Inbox Sync settings (pt.3):



Admin level use

How to Create an Exchange Impersonation Account to Authorize the End Users in RI Sync Engine:

Install Revenue Grid managed package in Salesforce:

Set Up Revenue Inbox Visualforce App in Salesforce:

Add Revenue Inbox Component Tabs to Salesforce UI:

Add Revenue Inbox Custom Reports to Salesforce UI:


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