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Using the Product with Test Data


After you install Revenue Inbox for Salesforce via MS Outlook / Office 365 Add-In Manager, from an MSI package, or in your Chrome Browser, you can explore and try out the Add-In’s/Chrome Extension’s functions and settings in a full featured realistic test environment prefilled with sample Salesforce data.
To access the test environment, open the Sidebar in MS Outlook and click on the Try this app with test data button at the bottom of Revenue Inbox logon screen:


Revenue Inbox Sidebar will appear at the right-hand side of your MS Outlook interface:


In the test mode you can browse through sample CRM records in the Add-In / Chrome Extension, use Revenue Inbox records search, and perform other key actions with the records (create objects based on email messages or calendar items, convert records to a related type, associate records with each other, view and modify sample records’ fields, etc.). In addition, the test mode includes emulated Revenue Inbox sync dashboard and customization page, so you can also learn how to adjust Revenue Inbox settings besides familiarizing yourself with the actions related to records processing.


Synchronization between Revenue Inbox and Salesforce is not available in test mode. For the same reason no actions with records performed in the this mode will be saved Salesforce account and thus opening a record in Salesforce from the Sidebar will not work either.


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