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Revenue Inbox Add-In/Chrome Extension allows you to use Chatter right from your mailbox. It is Salesforce collaboration tool that helps you connect and share business information with people. You can use Chatter to read and post comments as well as attach files for various Salesforce records like contacts or events. You can also work with chatter groups that let you collaborate with specific people.


Please note that the Chatter button is not displayed if Chatter is disabled in Salesforce.


You can open Chatter in one of the following ways:


  • In the Revenue Inbox Add-In/Chrome Extension, click the yellow vertical bar named Chatter to open the Chatter window. The name of the record the current Chatter window relates to will be displayed in the Chatter window title.

  • In the record card (for a contact, for example), click the Chatter icon in the card title.

In Chatter, you can perform the following actions:

  • To post a comment, in the Feed tab, write your comment, and then click Post. You can quickly insert the email message subject to your post by clicking the envelope button.


  • To post to a specific group, in the Group tab, enter the name of the group you want to post to and then select the found group. You will be redirected to the Feed tab where you can post comments to the group you selected.


  • To attach the email (or event) attachment, in the Post tab, click the document icon.


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