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How to Use Chatter

For users of the Email Sidebar on:


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RG Email Sidebar Add-In / Chrome Extension allows you to use Salesforce Chatter directly from your mail client. This way you may instantly spread deal progress updates or post clarification requests to be discussed and addressed by your colleagues. Read and like Chatter comments, post replies, attach files related to Contacts, Events, Opportunities being handled. You may also work with Chatter groups, engaging specific experts for business matters discussion.


To be accessible via RG Email Sidebar, Chatter should be enabled both in Salesforce and RGES Customization settings



To see and use Salesforce Chatter:

Expand a relevant record’s Detailed view by clicking on the > icon in its card header, then click on the Chatter button in the bottom right corner of the Sidebar.

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  • You will see Chatter screen in the Sidebar. The screen’s header reflects the name of the record that you opened it for. The screen contains two tabs, Groups and Feed

  • To make a post related to selected record: open the Feed tab and write your comment in the text box, then click the button Post at the bottom
    There are two handy actions implemented as icons located next to Post:
    Text of Email: attach selected Outlook or Gmail email’s text (.txt format) to the new post by clicking the 🖂 icon under the text box
    Insert attachment: add a file attached to the email to the new post by clicking the 🗎 (Attach) icon in the Post tab. You may select a specific attached file or a complete copy of the email itself (.eml format) to be added to the post

>>> Click to see a screenshot <<<


  • To select a specific Salesforce users group for Chatter posting: open the Group tab, enter the name of the group in the search box and select the needed group. You will see the Feed tab, where you can make posts for the group you selected
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  • Refresh the Chatter thread to instantly see the latest replies by clicking the 🗘 (Refresh) icon in the upper right corner


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