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How to Install the Desktop (.MSI) Implementation

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Note that Desktop (.MSI) implementation will be deprecated based on Microsoft technical updates. See this article for more information


Unlike the default Web (Cloud) RG Email Sidebar implementation installed for most end users, the custom RG Email Sidebar Add-In Desktop implementation option is usually reserved for Enterprise customers with special requirements, it is installed from an .MSI file and runs only on Windows OS. It is applicable in the following cases:
1. for customized Enterprise RGES configurations
2. to work with MS Exchange 2013 mail server
3. to use Delegated access (shared calendar) scenarios
4. to use RG Email Sidebar in a virtual machine environment, e.g. Citrix XenApp. This Add-In installation method is only available for MS Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019 (Desktop) for Windows. Also refer to this article for a detailed comparison of the two implementations


To download the .MSI (Desktop) implementation, you should send a corresponding request to our Support team.

To install the Add-In, run the downloaded .MSI package and complete the simple three-step installation procedure. RG Email Sidebar will be installed in the ‘%systemdisk%\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\\RG Email Sidebar Add-In‘ folder, taking around 28-40 Mb of HDD space.

Preconditions for installing the .MSI package:

  • Have Admin permissions on your workstation, including system disk write permissions
  • MS Outlook 2013-2016 installed on your system

The essential differences between the web/cloud and .MSI versions deployment are summarized in the below table. For a full list of differences refer to this article.

Web/cloud Add-In Installation MSI Add-In Installation
Supported platforms
Can be installed in different systems and configurations: MS Outlook for Windows, MS Office 365 in a browser, in a browser, MS Outlook for Mac, MS Outlook for iOS, MS Outlook for Android. Can only be installed in MS Outlook Desktop running on MS Windows.
Deployment method
Is rolled out via MS Exchange / Office 365 add-ins management panels. Is installed using mass-deployment tools by the local administrator with a single customization set for all users.
Updates installation
Instant version updates from the cloud.
Centralized updates rollout by the local administrator.



Before using RG Email Sidebar in MS Outlook Desktop on Windows, please also make sure that you have the latest version of MS Edge installed, since it is used to render RG Email Sidebar in MS Outlook


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