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How to Log In to the Admin Panel




To use Revenue Inbox Admin panel, special access permissions are required. To request the permissions for your organization contact Revenue Grid support team by email. Please note that Admin panel access is only granted to Enterprise customers: the Panel provides tools for managing a big number of end users and some of its key settings it includes duplicate Revenue Inbox Customization and Sync settings on Admin level.

Revenue Inbox Administration panel is the advanced setup page that enables local product administrators to configure, manage, and monitor the Users and Organizations. The Admin panel contains the following tabs:

  • ROI Study/Health Status. Revenue Inbox return on investment, use efficiency, and product setup status monitoring tools.

  • Organizations. Displays the Organizations page where you can view a list of organizations and manage what organizations are authorized to use the Revenue Inbox.

  • Users. Displays the Users page, where you can view the list of users and manage what users are authorized to use the Add-In / Chrome Extension and Revenue Inbox Synchronization.

  • Plans. Displays the Plans page where you can view the list of plans and manage users’ configurations.

  • Activity. In the latest Revenue Inbox updates Admin panel also includes the Activity tab that lists all activities performed in the Admin panel by every user with Admin permissions. The tab is very useful for rolling back unwanted changes or defining who did what changes in Admin settings.

  • Global settings. This page is normally managed by CSM team and is not displayed for local Admins. On this tab you can view and adjust a number of specific Revenue Inbox settings.



Admin panel ordinary login

1. Open the Admin panel access URL provided by in your web browser


Admin panel access is available exclusively for Enterprise Revenue Inbox customers. To access the Panel, check with your local administrator whether they have the access URL and credentials. Or, if you are the administrator or account owner, send us a corresponding request to gain the access.

2. Do either of the following, depending on your auth system

  • The default login procedure: click Log In with Salesforce and enter your authorized Admin login credentials in the Salesforce OAuth window that appears.

  • The alternative custom login procedure: enter your Login (email address), Password, and the Instance (if required) provided by and then click Log In.

Administrator Panel Login page  

3. If your Admin login credentials are correct, you will see the ROI Study of the Administration Panel upon logging in to it.

Administrator Panel overview



Admin panel login with O365 OAuth

[this section is work-in-progress]

MS Office 365 OAuth authentication method can be used to authenticate RI Admin panel login.


Admin panel login with Single Sign-On

In case you don’t want to enter your admin panel login credentials directly and instead use secure Salesforce SSO login (this is the recommended logon method):

1. On the Admin panel login page: click on SSO in the lower right corner, then enter your company’s Salesforce Org link in the corresponding field below and click Log In.


2. A standard Salesforce OAuth window will be opened. In it, you can either select a previously saved account or enter your Salesforce user login and password:


3. Click Log In and Revenue Inbox admin panel will be opened in a new browser tab.



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